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  • The Feministing Five: ‘Everyone is Gay’

    Interweaving comedy and advocacy, Dannielle Owens-Reid and Kristin Russo have delighted and empowered LGBTQ youth through their project, “Everyone is Gay.”  More of a platform than a website, “Everyone is Gay” combines videos, written advice, and a list of resources that is directed towards LGBTQ youth, striking a tone that is approaching, entertaining, and informative.”

    Check our our Feministing Five! Yahoo!

  • Please Support: Us.

    Thursdays are the days that we tell you about the amazing work another organization is doing out there in the world, and ask you to support that work. Today, we’d like to talk about, well, us.

    We’ve worked tirelessly over the past year on creating The Parents Project, on writing This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids, on maintaining daily advice and weekly videos here on Everyone Is Gay, on growing and expanding our Second Opinion panelists, and, of course, traveling to as many schools as possible to keep this much-needed conversation going.

    All of those things, and the many others we’d like to accomplish, are quite literally made possible with your support. So, if you’d like to help us out, here are some ways that are totally, completely awesome:

    • Donate: Almost every program we run is supported by funds donated to us by all of you. Giving one time is incredible — giving monthly, at any amount, helps us to plan for the future.

    • Like Us: Social Media numbers COUNT, you guys, and they help us source funding from larger organizations. So, please Like Us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, Check out our Instagram, Subscribe to our YouTube — and don’t forget about The Parents Project!

    • Pre-Order Our BookPre-ordering This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids not only enter you into a contest for sweet prizes… they also help us gather momentum that will fuel an incredible release of our book, and pretty magical things for the future.

    • Spread the Word: Share. Share. Share. The more people know about our work, the larger reach we have, the more resources we find, the better it all gets. If you are sharing about our book, include the tag #ThisIsOurBook, so we can find you!

    Thanks for all that you continue to do for us.
    Happy Thursday.

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  • Would you like to be one of our Fall Interns?

    We are looking for three new interns this fall to be a part of our team. Below are the positions and descriptions - please email your resume, a cover letter, and a writing sample to jobs [at] everyoneisgay [dot] com, and let us know which position you are applying for.

    Internships will offer college credit, but will not offer monetary compensation, and will require 15-20 hours of work per week. The internships will run Sept 2 - Dec 12, 2014. 

    • Second Opinions Manager + Social Media Assistant 
      This position will entail two main tasks:

      - Managing contributing writers for the Second Opinions project. You will be tasked with reaching out to new contributors, as well as managing and maintaining a schedule with current writers.
      - Assisting with Everyone Is Gay’s social media presence, posting to Wordpress, Twitter, and Facebook as required.

    • Parents Project + Tour Assistant
      This position will entail two main tasks: 

      - Coordinating with contributing writers (parents, youth, and experts) for The Parents Project, as well as reaching out to new contributors and managing and maintaining a schedule with current writers.
      - Assisting with management of tour dates, calendars, and event pages across social media, as well as coordination with venues and local contacts to go over day-of details for our fall tour.

    • Web Developer
      This is exactly what it sounds like — we need someone who is a whiz-kid at coding and web development to help us manage our two websites. Design experience would be amazing, but not critical. **No need to send a writing sample if you are applying for the web developer position.**

    For all positions:
    Interns can live anywhere within a three hour time difference of the Eastern Time Zone. Organizational skills, knowledge of Google Docs / Excel a must! Knowledge of Wordpress and Photoshop highly recommended!   

    We look forward to hearing from you!


  • "My 13-year-old recently told me she’s bi. My husband and I are both totally cool with it, as is our 11-year-old son. The problem is my family. I’m worried that my dad and his wife are going to react badly. I’m close to my dad, but I would do anything to protect my kids from getting their feelings hurt. Any advice on how to talk to him about this? I just want to protect my little girl’s feelings, ideally without having to distance myself from my dad."

    - Question submitted by Anonymous

  • everyoneisgay:

    Beyond grateful and touched to have the support of such an incredible crew of humans.

    Thank you Walk The Moon!! We love you with all of our being!! 

    Kansas City: If you can, go support Walk The Moon, alongside Panic! At the Disco and Magic Man tonight at 7:30pm at Crossroads — tickets available at the door for $40. 

    Y’ALL. The beautiful souls who attended this show raised over $1,500 for our organization. Our hearts are so full and heavy. Thank you, Thank you so much for fighting hate with love. Love rules.

  • Four Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Gender and Pronouns


    by Cara Giaimo


    Language plays a huge part in how we understand and describe the world around us, and how we communicate that understanding to others. Because of this, it can be easy to forget that the dictionary isn’t some infallible, unchangeable document handed down from on high—…

    Awesome piece on gender & pronouns by Autostraddle-extraordinaire Cara Giamo, written for The Parents Project.


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