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  • louisewk said: I was just wondering whether you thought it'd be a bit weird to come out to my parents through the medium of song and interpretive dance. I mean, it's totally ME if you get me; I tried writing letters but I got nervous and I just randomly wrote a song for it on my ukulele a few weeks ago and now I'm getting edgy cos everyone says that this is like an IMPORTANT THING and I'm worried that my lack of seriousness might just make my parents be less serious about my sexuality, you know? What do you guys think?

    Dannielle Says: 

    I hope my kid comes out to me via ukulele. 

    It can still be important and silly at the same time. 98% of the advice kristin and I give is silly, yet important. I mean, even if they’re like ‘teeheehee oh TEENY!’ (assuming your name is Teeny) you can be like ‘i mean, i really am totally gay, tho..’ and then they’ll be like ‘oh…’ and then you can talk about it.

    It makes no sense that you’d have to give up a part of who you are to show your parents a part of who you are. Do whatever the fuck you want, however the fuck you wanna do it.


    Kristin Says:

    I think you should gather up all the naysayers and sing THEM a song on your ukulele that goes a little something like this:

    "La, la, La, la

    You don’t know what my parents want

    Laaaaa, la, laaaaa, la

    They love when I sing and laaaaaaa, la

    Important things can be said while having funnnn,

    la, de de de doooooooo,

    My ukulele is way more important that youuuuu”


    This is a wonderful idea, and if I were your other mother, I would be so psyched that I not only got an adorable and amazing kid (I just know you are adorable, get over it), but one who would sing me a song and dance out of the closet.

    Also, I need you all to know that there are no pictures of Melissa Etheridge OR KD Lang playing a ukulele, and if there had been, I would have included it here so that you could use it as the backdrop for the occasion.  What I found when I googled “Lesbian Ukulele” was a picture of Tiny Tim…and like, he KINDA looks like a lesbian*, so, fair enough.


    *please do not send me emails saying, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN TINY TIM LOOKS LIKE A LESBIAN, LESBIANS DON’T LOOK A CERTAIN WAY,” because I know, I get it, I have a degree in it, and sometimes I just want to make a goddamn joke. Deal with it.

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