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  • Anonymous said: I got this really cute girl's phone number. Now how long do I wait to call her? Or should I text her...? Help!

    Dannielle Says: 

    AY OH. Well, on the episode of 90210 where Naomi met this boy named Ozzie, he was like ‘don’t play games with me, here’s my number don’t wait three days, just call me’ and she immediately called him, and it could have been REALLY CUTE but then she saw Annie making out with Ethan and hung up the phone and ruined everything… 

    I feel like there’s a ‘wait three days’ rule, but never in my life have I done that. If you like someone, you like them, and lesbians aren’t known for taking ANYTHING slowly…I guess I don’t know if you’re a lesbian or not, but STILL. 

    If I were in your position I might text her and be like ‘hey, this is SLIMSHADY (your name in this situation is SLIMSHADY), I’m waiting three days to call you so you think i’m cool, in the mean time, i will be text-flirting with you’ or something like that. I’m a total nerd and i don’t do well with that whole ‘GAME’ and ‘PLAYING IT COOL’ thing, you know?

    Put yourself out there a little bit. IMHO (inmyhumbleopinion) there is nothing more attractive than honesty and genuine-ness…. is that a word?? YOU KNOW WHAT I’M SAYING, be real, be yourself and let her know you think she’s pretty, she’ll be flattered and totally willing to get to know you. 

    Kristin Says:

    Give it AT LEAST ONE DAY.  It’s like.  I get it - I am the worst at waiting and being cool. I never do anything that makes me seem in the least bit suave, so I understand the ‘whatever, I like her so I’m texting her right now’ mentality.  It is basically how I live my life, you guys.  HOWEVER, I still think you need to wait at least one day.

    If I met a girl and my knees were knocking together at the sight of her adorable ponytail and worn-through Boston College t-shirt (#specifics), and I gave her my number and then the whole day and night went by and I didn’t hear from her and THEN the next night she was like, ‘Oh, hey.  Soooo, can I use this number now or should I wait another couple of days so you think I am a badass?’ I WOULD SWOON.  It’s not to say that if I got a text from her that very same night I would stop liking her, but I’d probably get that feeling of, ‘Man I really like her but I hope she doesn’t wind up being a cling-on.’  You know? 

    And yes, I am always a fan of the text first, call later routine.  Texting is like a virtual warm-up for conversation.  I can legitimately pretend like I am Shane from The L Word via text whereas via phone I’m like, ‘Soooooo, today I went and bought some Swiss Chard from the Farmer’s Market.’ 

    My advice is to wait at least one day and no more than three, then get a little flirt-texting in before you call her to get your swiss-chard-stutter on.


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